Yamalube® Visor and Helmet Cleaner

Yamalube® Visor and Helmet Cleaner

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The residues from dust, dirt and countless insects are the penalty we pay for our riding enjoyment – and not just on our helmets and visors, but on headlights, windscreens and body parts too! These residues can be a visibility and safety issue as well as detracting from the visual appeal of our machines. This special cleaner solves the problem quickly – keep it in your backpack!

  • Effective for helmet outer shell, headlights, windscreens and mirrors
  • Leaves no scratches or streaks – just a clear, long-lasting mirror finish
  • Universal formula for all visors – clear, tinted, mirrored or anti-fog
  • Removes dirt and debris, insect remains and traffic film
  • Very quick and easy to handle and apply