YamalubeAE GL5 SAE90 Gear Oil

YamalubeAE GL5 SAE90 Gear Oil

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Yamalube® GL5 is a premium heavy duty gear oil specially developed to withstand the severe demands of powerful modern engines operating in the marine environment. It is particularly suitable for use in stern drive applications and for the gear cases of our awesome F350 V8 outboards.

  • Excellent anti-foam properties to ensure good lubrication and smooth operation
  • Retains viscosity and a protective oil film
  • Powerful antioxidant and detergent action cleans and protects engine parts
  • Provides very good rust protection in a marine environment
  • Anti-oxidation and thermal resistance properties prevent deposits around seals
  • Great cold flow characteristics mean easy engine starting and smooth shifting
  • Controls foaming in gear cases
  • Leads to easy gear shifting, both at thigh and low temperatures
  • Excellent stability of viscosity during operation reduces friction in all conditions
  • Suitable for: Inboard engines, Outboard Engines
  • Extreme pressure and anti-wear properties gives good gear performance under heavy loads and repeated shocks
  • Exceptional anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection for long engine life
  • High oxidation stability and thermal resistance to eliminate the formation of deposits around seals